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Allergy Alert Testing + -

New Clients

An allergy alert test is required atleast 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. Allergy alert testing is complimentary and processed during your consultation. For lapsed colour clients (clients who have not been to our salon within a six month period) a new allergy alert test will be mandatory. Existing clients who are opting for a colour change may require a new allergy test also.

Existing Clients

If you have not had colour in a Brown Sugar salon for longer than eight months, a new Allergy Alert Test is mandatory to proceed with your appointment.


Failure to present for your allergy test may lead to the cancellation of your appointment. 


Priority Clients + -

If you had a scheduled appointment with us that was missed due to lockdown, we have prioritised and rescheduled your booking for the earliest possible date. Appointments have been rescheduled based on your previous booking date/time/service. You will receive a text message with your new booking details and a follow-up call to confirm your booking by our front-of-house team. If the appointment does not suit we will do our best to find a date and time that does, however as we are working at limited capacity there will be limited availability. If you no longer wish to proceed, you can cancel at any time. If we cannot reach you, your booking may be cancelled and your priority status will be lost. 

Booking Deposit + -

From 10th May 2021 we will require a 50% booking deposit to secure an appointment. Booking deposits can be made up to three days prior to treatment and will be deducted from your service bill at the check-out. Booking deposits are non-refundable, however if you wish to cancel or move your appointment we will be happy to transfer your deposit (up to two times) to a later date.


If you have previously paid a deposit and did not get to receive your service due to lockdown, your deposit will be carried forward to your next appointment. 


We understand that life can get a little hectic sometimes and you might need to cancel your appointment. When this happens, all we require is at least 24 hours notice. We will be happy to reschedule your appointment for a later date or cancel in full. 


Cancellations outside of the above may face automatic charges to your account.

Price Changes + -

Due to increasing cost of supplies, extra sanitisation protocols and in order for us to stay competitive, there will be a number of small increases across all of our services. Details of our price changes will be made available online soon. Our front-of-house team will be able to advise you of how this affects your upcoming service with us. 

No Shows + -

If you fail to show for your scheduled appointment without first making contact, an automatic charge will apply to your account. Multiple no-shows will result in a ban.

COVID-19 + -

At present, we are continuously watching and updating our safety measures regarding the ongoing covid-19 globla pandemic. Please be aware that our salons are fully compliant with all safety regulations and are fully equipped with safety screens, appropriate PPE and adhere to all social distancing measures. We are operating a half capacity  to ensure adequate distance between you and other guests. If safety is a concern please contact your chose salon front of house team and we will be happy to assist you in whatever way we can to ensure you feel comfortable during your time with us. 

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