Booking Deposit + -
Due to COVID restrictions and an unfortunately high level of appointment no-shows, we are updating our booking policy to require a deposit for all appointments booked with us.
A fixed deposit will be required for all appointments booked in salon or by phone. 
Blowdry/Makeup/Minimum deposit - € 25
Haircuts- € 50
Colour Services- € 100
Extensions/Extenso/GK etc – 50% on consultation
• Deposits are fully refundable/transferrable for appointments cancelled/moved with at least 48hrs notice
• 50% Deposit is refundable/transferrable for appointments cancelled/moved with at least 24hrs notice
• Appointments cancelled/transferred with less than 24hrs notice may result in your deposit being lost, at the discretion of the Manager.
Reminder texts will issue at least 72 hours before your appointment
Appointments made online, will be charged up to the full amount for cancellations as above.
Please note that we are working to strict COVID guidelines and will to continue to do so for as long as that is the advice given to our industry. However, your experience is still paramount to us, so if you have any feedback, please email
Allergy Alert Testing + -

New Clients

An allergy alert test is required atleast 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. Allergy alert testing is complimentary and processed during your consultation. For lapsed colour clients (clients who have not been to our salon within a six month period) a new allergy alert test will be mandatory. Existing clients who are opting for a colour change may require a new allergy test also.

Existing Clients

If you have not had colour in a Brown Sugar salon for longer than eight months, a new Allergy Alert Test is mandatory to proceed with your appointment.


Failure to present for your allergy test may lead to the cancellation of your appointment. 


No Shows + -

If you fail to show for your scheduled appointment without first making contact, an automatic charge will apply to your account. Multiple no-shows will result in a ban.

COVID-19 + -

At present, we are continuously watching and updating our safety measures regarding the ongoing covid-19 global pandemic. Please be aware that our salons are fully compliant with all safety regulations and are fully equipped with safety screens, appropriate PPE and adhere to all social distancing measures. If safety is a concern please contact your chose salon front of house team and we will be happy to assist you in whatever way we can to ensure you feel comfortable during your time with us. 


At Sugarculture, tips or gratuities are not expected and are completely discretionary.


  • Any tips/gratuities are between the client and the staff member. Any tips that are processed by us either in cash or through our card machines are passed on in full to the staff member on the day they are given, assuming there is sufficient cast available to do so. Should it not be possible, the tip will be passed on the following day.
  • Cash is the preferred method of leaving a tip or gratuity, we also have a person to person tipping service, Strikepay which enables you to tip staff directly, should you prefer to do so.
  • We make no deductions to staff tips, nor are they used to make up wages.
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